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  • Product Name: Hotel Multifunctional Paper Towel Dispenser HL73-N-1D
  • Product Number:
  • Added time: 2014-09-17
  • Taobao Shop: Taobao commodity browsing
Product Name:   Paper towel dispenser&waste receptacle 
Item No:                   HL703-N-1D-REC
Main Material:  all maked by stainless steel  SUS304,thickness 1.0mm
Finish:                  satin
Variety:                  multi-function:dispenser & receptacle & hand dryer
Scope:                  public toilet, washing room for hotel, restaurant, shopping mall
Features:         1)Unit fitted with two tumbler locks (keyed alike)
                        2)bending overall with shear folding machine, seamless welding , pull length piano                                        hinges
                       3)dispenser:300-500 interfold paper towels
                       4)waste container:  about 10L removable container
                       5)with a space for hand dryer
                       6)reduce the height of paper towel dispenser and hand dryer for children and disable.
Mounting:        Recessed Mount Security Concealed fix  (as shown)
Overall Size:        330mmWx1660mmHx185mmD
Wall opening:      290mmWx1620mmHx175mmD
MOQ:                50PCS    
Packing:                put into bubble bag full with foam,1pcs each carton with 5 layers,strong and safety.
Weight:            Net weight:23.9/pcs , Gross weight:26kg/carton
carton size:       173x38.5x29cm
Delivery time:      30-45days 
Service:               OEM is welcome